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The digital customer journey for car dealers.

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Welcome to CARDESS


CARDESS is a modular system that car dealers can use to digitize their sales and service processes. The modules cover everything from marketing automation to digital trade-in evaluation and service appointment booking to the e-commerce online sales process.

Our vision: "One-Click-(Re-)Purchase"
Allowing customers to buy their next car with just one click. 


What our customers say

"With CARDESS we have managed to seamlessly combine acquisition and lead management."

“In difficult times, CARDESS helps us work more efficiently every day, have happier customers and generate more sales. ”

“Nothing slips through us anymore. Thanks to CARDESS, we even have service-only customers on the radar on the sales side.”

Dieter Ries
Auto Center Ries

Martin Fruehklug
Gunther & Schmitt

Christian Hackerott
Autohaus Hackerott

All modules at a glance


CARDESS.SELL imports leads from all sources. Our mobile app enables sales teams and customers to be in touch anywhere and anytime. For each interaction with customers and prospects, CARDESS.SELL also automatically creates a personal landing page for the customers. On it, customers can see all offered vehicles and accessories. Customers can order the vehicles online on the landing page or make further inquiries. Learn more. 


CARDESS.BUY digitizes trade-in and appraisal, as well as fleet returns and damage assessment. It also supports the remarketing process. The seamless integration of CARDESS.BUY into the car dealership sales processes enables car dealerships to easily calculate vehicle offers, taking trade-in offers into account. Learn more.


CARDESS.SERVICE enables car dealers to communicate with customers and create digital service offerings. By integrating CARDESS.SERVICE into dealers websites, customers can independently create their own service offerings. Customers can easily search for services and CARDESS will automatically display the corresponding prices. Online appointment booking is also part of CARDESS.SERVICE. Learn more.


CARDESS.ACT increases the sales potential of car dealerships through intelligent analysis of the customer base. Targeted campaign segmentations are created automatically. The system combines these into a digital marketing plan, which is then processed for you by the marketing automation module without your intervention. Marketing at the push of a button. Learn more. 

Netzwerk Autohaus Transformation
CARDESS is a member of the "Netzwerk Autohaus Transformation" association, because: The future of mobility in Germany can best be predicted if you shape it yourself. Learn more. 

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