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The top 10 most profitable car companies in the world today!

According to a new evaluation, the world's largest auto groups continue to grow significantly. Compared with the same period last year, sales and unit sales are up significantly. With the exception of Tesla and Ford, all companies increased their profits. The significant profit growth was fueled by the weak yen, which helped Japanese manufacturers to post a 91.2 percent increase. The performance of the German groups was more subdued, with operating profits rising by a good 19 percent. U.S. carmakers, on the other hand, recorded a decline of 5.7 percent. Below we present a list of the world's currently most profitable car groups:

10th place: Volkswagen

9th place: Mitsubishi

8th place: Suzuki

7th place: Honda

6th place: Tesla

5th place: Hyundai

4th place: Toyota

3rd place: BMW

2nd place: Kia

1st place: Mercedes-Benz


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